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Changing the lives of thousands

Know everything about Casa Maria Helena Paulina!

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About us

   Casa Maria Helena Paulina is a non-governmental organization from Sao Paulo founded in 1992 that shelters children with cancer - and other diseases - and their carers. They come from different Brazilian states to Sao Paulo looking for a infrastructure for the treatment that fits to their needs. The Casa offers shelter, food, psicological help, higiene products and the most diverse activities so their stay is the best possible one in spite of all the complications they face during the treatment.

How to help?

    There are various ways of helping, such as donating your time in the form of volunteering. Another way is buying an item from our bazaar, since the money is donated to a needy NGO: I'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine! You even have our List of Needs, through which you can buy items that are lacking in our Casa. Apart from that, we have the traditional methods, such as donating clothes, electrical appliances and other second-hand items, and there is also the option of direct monetary donation. Choose the way you prefer, any of them would help us a lot!

O que fazemos
Como ajudar

News and Events

    Here we share with you everything that we do! Know first hand which are the meals for the Mother’s Day baskets, or what will we do in Christmas, and where are the kids going in Easter. Here you can follow more closely the Casa and join us as if you were one more at the Casa! This way you won’t miss any activity!

Notícias e Eventos


Cidade Escola Aprendiz
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In Casa Maria Helena Paulina we would love to talk to you! Please, call us or send us a message, we will answer back as soon as possible.

Thank you for your message, we will answer back as soon as possible!

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